Beaver Creek Youth Camp

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  • Taking a short break to listen to a story.
  • The Range group slap their brands on a hunk of wood.
  • Throwing water balloons to simulate Rio Grande Compact obligations.
  • Heading out to measure livestock forage capacity.
  • Doing the math to determine acreage forage for a cow/calf combo
  • So many insects to learn about!
  • Forestry campers build their own fires.
  • Creating our own riparian systems with the river trailer.
  • Scavenger Hunt and Hike
  • Learning is great, but how about s'more dessert!
  • Digging in the dirt/soil health fun with soil scientists Sam and Alan.
  • Predator/Prey Games with the Wildlife group
  • Lowering the flag at the end of another super year!
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Youth Conservation Camp

2020 Camp Save the Date! - June 9-11

Students ages 8-12 years old are encouraged to sign up for 3 days at conservation camp at Beaver Creek campground in the beautiful Rio Grande National Forest. They have the choice of 5 subject areas; Soil & Water, Range, Forestry, Wildlife, or obtaining their hunters’ safety certification.  By working with our partners from the Rio Grande Watershed Association of Conservation Districts, United States Forest Service, Colorado Parks & Wildlife and many others, we are able to offer a camp that provides these youth an opportunity to get outside and experience natural resources up close. Because of our professional partnerships, kids are also able to receive expert knowledge and get to know the many career avenues available to them in the future.

Cost: $140/participant

BCYCC Wildlife

Natural Resources Tracks Overview

Campers ages 8 – 12 will participate in the same workshop track for the entire camp period. Groups are small with usually 12-15 campers in each track. Tracks include: Hunter Safety, Mud Buds (formerly Soil and Water), Range, Forestry and Wildlife.

Hunter Safety – Includes classroom instruction and firing range practice. Participants will need to complete the online portion before coming to camp for the field section and final test. Upon successfully passing all exams participants will earn a Colorado Hunter Safety card.  Participants must be 10 or older.

Mud Buds (formerly Soil & Water) – Participants will learn about the importance of soil and water in our natural environment – field exercises include: water games, plant identification and the river trailer. Recommended for first time campers.

Rangeland Science – How do plants and animals work together to survive? Why do we need livestock to help manage our open spaces? All these questions plus activities about pollinators and a wide variety of plant life will be an exciting and interactive experience.

Forestry – Principles of forest management, tree growth, fire, responsible use of public lands, along with fun activities for outdoor learning.

Wildlife – Scats, tracks, and bears, oh my! Wildlife management includes more than just these elements, and your child will enjoy learning from Colorado Parks & Wildlife officers to discover just how amazing our Colorado wildlife and habitats really are.







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